Cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest sports. Whether classic or skating - you train the whole body, especially the cardiovascular system. For your cross-country skiing holiday at Spitzingsee there are 2 trails for the classic and the skating variant available on site:

  • Hoamatsau-Loipe
    Practice trail with a length of 2 km,
    Starting point: valley station of the Kurvenlift,
    Course: towards the Spitzingseeufer along the bank, then towards Brecherspitz back to the starting point.
  • Valepper Loipen
    medium difficulty with a length of 6.5 km,
    Starting point: Rosskopfweg,
    Course: through very varied terrain around the Valepper alpine pastures and partly along the stream of the Rote Valepp.


Why should you come to us for cross-country skiing?

  • We are holders of the certificate "Cross-country friendly operation".
  • The trails can be reached directly on the lake or on foot in the village.
  • The experts on cross-country skiing and skating are on site.
  • The landscape makes cross-country skiing a varied experience!
  • You can get the necessary equipment for your cross-country skiing holiday from certified rental stations on site

Our neighboring communities Fischbachau and Bayrischzell offer a perfectly developed network of cross-country trails with over 100 km of groomed routes (classic and skating variants) and therefore a welcome change for every passionate cross-country skier. The trails there lead you into attractive, beautiful valleys, through the snow-covered winter forest and across wide, spacious meadows and pastures. Rental stations in Bayrischzell.